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UX design references

User experience design focuses on the requirements and needs of users when interacting with products and services. I help your company not only make websites or applications more user-friendly, but also make existing offerings more accessible. According to the principle: “Build the right thing and build the thing right. ”

FoodNow — UI Design Checkout

UI design

With one click, the products go directly to the shopping cart and the always visible sticky button takes you to the checkout without having to scroll. Clickable elements such as radio buttons or checkboxes are oriented right to support natural thumb movement on mobile devices. The bottom layer can be opened and offers users cost control at any time. We have removed unnecessary input fields to streamline the process. Overall, we tried not to change the existing behavior of individual components too much so that users would not acquire a completely new user interface. We adapted the redesign step by step and were therefore able to divide programming efforts into small packages and not influence users too much in the usual ordering process. In the first two weeks, we were able to convert 60% of the products that were added to the shopping cart via upselling by the time the order was completed.

Migros Online and myMigros — Landing Page

UX and UI design

After several interviews and usability tests, we were able to confirm most of the hypotheses. It was particularly challenging to find a good balance between the two platforms, which does not favor any service, but leaves the decision completely up to the customers. An explanatory video also ensured that users did not have to laboriously read the differences between the two shops, but could consume bite-sized in one minute. The landing page was built by us using Webflow, a no-code application. This allowed us to completely save programming effort and quickly publish and integrate the website. You can open the desktop-prototype here: Figma Prototyp. The animated explanation video can be watched here: Video ansehen.

ImmoScout24 — Mortgage Calculator

UX and UI design

Thanks to the transparent breakdown of all necessary own resources, we helped users calculate better and search for more suitable properties. We were able to save many people a frustrating conversation with a financial advisor and help them find their own home. In addition, we were able to double page views in a short period of time and offer users a fair mortgage comparison. We were also able to significantly increase the conversion to the mortgage comparison and at the same time received more qualified leads. We have offered users a transparent solution that also reveals hidden costs and saves banks valuable time thanks to qualified customers.

myMigros — Picking App

UX and UI design

This allowed us to iterate the application experimentally and develop it into an indispensable companion. We were able to intercept incorrect entries in open sales (e.g. carrots) with price limits, large product images helped with searches on the shelf, vibration feedback from the scanner helped people with disabilities, and for large orders, we made it possible to work synchronously with several pickers. The picking app displayed a status indicator when the connection is poor and, with a dashboard, provided an overview of all open and ongoing orders. Through these and many other optimizations, we have managed to significantly reduce the time per order.

WRIGLEY — Sales App

UI design

The sales staff were able to work with the iPad directly on site and no longer needed a laptop and projector. As a result, rapid and needs-based interaction with customers was achieved, which was memorable. The application was implemented in collaboration with Juwi MacMillan Group GmbH (later Ayeq-benu GmbH). Our team interactively implemented tailor-made sales presentations for iPad and Android tablets.

Tabak Wolters — Webdesign

UI design, image concept, illustration and image editing

We created a look for the website that matches the theme and added an accent color (petrol) to the corporate identity. This allowed us to break up the layout a bit and create contrasts. Customers who had difficulties with the company's cigarette vending machines should be able to request a refund via a fault form. Business customers should be able to find out more about the company and get a simple overview of the product range and scope of services. You can check out the website here: https://www.tabakwolters.de/