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Graphic and Print Design

The design of a concise corporate identity, print materials such as brochures, flyers or posters, and product photography are part of my work and a welcome change from purely digital products.

Boss Vacuum — Banner and Exhibition Booth

Print design, concept and planning exhibition stand

We have created a series of banners for this purpose. I was also able to take the product photos of machines and packaging samples for Boss Vakuum. The exhibition stand should also be easily visible from afar and, in addition to sufficient stability, provide enough space for exhibition machines and seating. The machines can be used in a variety of ways, so that several trade fair banners on different topics were created in the same style. In this way, a whole series of banners and a uniform image to the outside world was created step by step.

Lektorat Nordgewandt

Corporate identity, web design and portrait photography

The dark blue also underlines the North as a color and reflects the maritime flair. As a pattern, we have added a wave pattern to business cards, flyers and the website to give the branding more character and structure. In addition to dark blue, we have chosen a soft contrasting color and highlight individual areas in a “crème brûlée”. A classic serif font for concise headlines and a sans-serif font for continuous text ensure easy readability. The website was implemented using WordPress and can be customized independently and easily without additional programming effort.

Martin Linke Home and Garden Service

Logo design and color concept

The figurative mark also works without the name, as it contains house and garden as well as the initial letter of his first name. A distinctive and sans-serif font completes the branding. Anyone who sees this logo on a pick-up truck immediately knows which services you can get here. Happy snipping, but only with Martin!

BS Packaging — Product Brochure

Print design and product photography

In terms of content, we focused on the essentials so as not to appear too cluttered. Customers should be able to quickly identify which machine is best suited for their use. Boss vacuum and BS packaging is known for particularly high-quality machines. This should also be reflected in the brochures. Shiny stainless steel on a large white space with attractive packaging patterns. The brochures were also placed at company exhibition stands and have been visually integrated.